Happy Entertainment/McFly - 'You're not special' Music Video (Executive Producer)

Happy Entertainment/McFly - 'Tonight is the Night' Music Video Production

Happy Entertainment/McFly - Live at the O2 - Multi-Camera Production

Busted - Pigs Can Fly DVD Production

Happy Entertainment/Tom Fletcher - 'Don't Know What It Is' Music Video Production

Monocle Music - Someone - 'Forget Forgive' Music Video Production

Happy Entertainment/Tom Fletcher - 'Afraid of Heights' Music Video Production

Hello World - Live Show Production

Happy Entertainment/WH Smiths - Tom Fletcher Book Club Video Production

New Hope Club -  'Water' - Music Video Production 

The Vamps - Album Sampler Video Production

The Vamps - Youtube Live Stream - Event Production

The Vamps - 2017 O2 Arena Multi-camera Shoot Production

Monocle Music - Someone - 'The Deep' -Music Video Production 

The Vamps - Live Session Filming Production

EMI/The Tide - 'Naked' Music Video Production

Happy Entertainment - The Christmasaurus Live Advert Production

Happy Entertainment - TV Pilot Production

Busted/Warner Music - 'Live at The Pool Studios' Production

Sean Mendes/MTV - Screen Visuals Production

Busted - Wembley Arena Multicamera Shoot Production

Busted - UK Tour 2016 Screen Visuals Production

The Vamps - 2016 O2 Arena Multicamera Shoot Production

Universal Island Records - Music video

XL Recordings - Music Video

Warner Music - Music Video

Sargent House - Music Video

Mute Records - Music Video

Hassle Records - Music Video

Moshi Moshi Records - Music Video

The Academy Of Contemporary Music - Live event filming

Big Scary Monster Recordings - Music Video

Holy Roar Records - Music Video

Blood and Biscuits - Music Video

Stressed Sumo Recordings - Music Video

Small Town America - Music Video

Got Got Need - Music Video

Mums The Word Music - Music Video

Pulse Films - Music Video Production

2000 Trees Festival - Live sessions and documentary filming

The Make a Wish Foundation UK - 5 Short Films over 6 years of working with them